For Him:

  • Abercrombie
  • Buckle
  • Target
  • American Eagle
  • Gap
  • Banana Republic
  • Rent The Runway
  • Nordstrom
  • H&M
  • J. Crew
  • Zara
  • ASOS

Key Takeaways

  1. Pick a location and then pick your outfits. Do not try to match your outfits to your location, accentuate them to your location. So, if your location has a touch of color here and there, accentuate those colors with a color in your outfit. 
  2. Bring extra outfits and feel free to text me your ideas! I can help you decide what might go best with the vibe of your location.
  3. Don't wait till the last minute to buy your outfits and try them on as soon as you get them. That way you have time to make changes if needed.
  4. Make sure you feel comfortable moving around, sitting and nothing is scratchy or laying funny. Then hang them up and keep them hung up.
  5. Less is more. The more natural and simple the better. Wear outfits that look like your style.
  6. Try to stay away from logos like Nike, Under Armour, North Face, etc. These are distracting and takes away from you as the focal point.


Louisa Fletcher

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